Three wishes

They come in threes don’t they? Those proverbial wishes from the proverbial genie in a bottle. Okay I know I just repeated the word proverbial in the same sentence 3 words apart. And compounded the blunder by doing it yet again. This is the proverbial train wreck of paragraphs. OMG, I did it again! Jeez, I give up. Let’s move on.

What would your three wishes be dear reader? Would you tell? Or prefer to not utter a single peep and hold your cards close to you chest, a wistful far away look in your eyes?? Hmmm, I see you now wheels turning wondering ” To reveal or not to reveal?”

But then no sooner than that treasured thought pops in your mind and you recall,

“wait a minute!! What about her wishes?? This so-called writer weaving her tapestry of words around me like a freaking web”.

“No I shall not succumb” you remind yourself. And rightfully so.. probably.

Random thoughts

What would my wishes be you ask and/ or wonder? Really I have just two wishes which I think will puzzle said genie. “Where’s your third wish silly woman?” But they are my wishes and goddamn it, if such a mystical figure who grants wishes exists, I will get my wish(es). Wishes are sacred so I can’t reveal them to mere mortals like you and me. But silently you best believe, I will 100% very softly rub the damn bottle. Gently of course. Gently. No point angering the gods and whisper my wishes so alluring, so sweetly, so sincerely, so determinedly that there will leave no doubt as to the utter sincerity, the trust and unshakable belief of my words and heart, and mind and soul of course. Said genie will have no choice. I repeat no choice but to grant my wish.

Oh look now, you let me digress. This isn’t about me. It’s about you? What say you? Dare to share?

One Comment Add yours

  1. Chella says:

    Hehehe very commical you and your genie story🤭😂. But hey I don’t blame you one little bit rhat you want to keep all 3 of your wishes instead of just two!! I would want all three of mine proto!!! No lingering the process for days, give me all 3 of my wishes as soon as your genie come out of that bottle!!! No waiting around and know excuses about it!! Love the post my friend, it cracked me up!!!😜


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