Three wishes

They come in threes don’t they? Those proverbial wishes from the proverbial genie in a bottle. Okay I know I just repeated the word proverbial in the same sentence 3 words apart. And compounded the blunder by doing it yet again. This is the proverbial train wreck of paragraphs. OMG, I did it again! Jeez,…

9/1. 1:37am

I looked up at the clock and it contained 3 of my favorite digits and numbers which is always a delight. And hoped that this would be enough to salvage the night, the new day, the new month. The first of the month is always a good time to reset and start over and my…

Resilient humans

How amazing that your, ourheartsCan be brokenSo many timesAnd yet weEndure As though resilienceWas written intoOur very own DNABy our Creator Fearfully and wonderfully madeYou, I, WeAll of us Fearfully and wonderfully made.

Week 7: I geek out on Black Panther

I’ll start with the bad this week. My lack of sleep hit a severe low, I had gone for 4-5 days on very little sleep. I was exhausted, mentally foggy, dragging, feeling hopeless..did I mention exhausted? I felt like I was literally losing my mind. So I am back on pretty strong prescription meds for…

Week 5: Ebbs and Flows

This past week was good.. everything considered. I had coffee with a good friend. It was good to catch up. I took two days off from work and caught up on tasks that I had not had a chance to get to. I even finished unpacking my suitcase from my trip to Nairobi last December….