Resilient humans

How amazing that your, ourheartsCan be brokenSo many timesAnd yet weEndure As though resilienceWas written intoOur very own DNABy our Creator Fearfully and wonderfully madeYou, I, WeAll of us Fearfully and wonderfully made.

Three years ago today

Three years agoWe laid you to restIt was a hard dayperhaps the toughest day of my life ShockDisbeliefFearHeartbreakWatching the coffinYour coffinBe sunk6 feet under Back then, I couldn’t even sayMom diedI said mom passed away Even today, it blows my mind when I think of the finality of dyingThe finality of your deathTo not see…

Little Did I know

Three years ago, my mother was living her last days but I didn’t know that. I had no clue. And her sudden death was and has been traumatizing.. I certainly thought I did. But little did I know that the last time I saw my mom had been the last. That..that hug at dawn on…

I miss my mom

Not much else going on. Well a lot is. I left home on Tuesday, got back to work yesterday. Our company laid off 20 people including some very good co workers of mine. Maybe that’s why I feel so drained today. Mostly, I miss mom. I wish she had not died. I wish she was…

Ignorance is bliss

How many times have I said to a grieving family “thoughts and prayers..”, “RIP”, “My sincere condolences” And I meant it. I empathized. But I realize now that I truly knew nothing of grief. There’s no grief like when death touches your family. Death has passed our way before..twenty years ago when our brother died….