Lesson learned: Time to unwind is critical.(Enough! Day 5)

Truth be told, it’s a lesson I have to re-learn over and over again. At the end of a workday, it is of the utmost importance for me to make time to unwind. I know this but I don’t always do it.

My job is stressful, fast paced and there’s a lot of prsssure to get more done and still maintain a 100%  level of accuracy which is of course impractical. But those are the expectations. Friday through Sunday which are 3 of my 4 workdays have become the busiest time of the week while also being the least staffed.

The end result is sheer phsical and mental exhaustion. Many times I will go to bed and not sleep. I can be up till 1 or 2am. It’s mind boggling. My mind will just not stop spinning. My workday begins at 5am. So you can imagine after a few days of this vicious circle, I am not the happiest camper.

So the last couple of nights, I have been quite adamant. By 7 oclock, I have gone up. Phone off, no social media..just relaxing with a glass of wine or tea, watching a little TV or reading a book.

And it’s so amazing how clear and energetic I feel. These last couple of nights, I have woken up only once in the night, I take a half ambien and sleep till 4am. 

I must make time to unwind especially on worknights a priority.

Compare these two sleep pictograms. The one on the right was on Day 1 when I barely slept and still had to work at 5am. 

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