Braving the cold

No doubt today is cold. As I understood it, the dipping temperature is on track to break some record or other for this day in December.

But when one is cozy and warm indoors, one has no idea how cold it really is outside.

I needed a break so I decided to brave the cold and walk to the post office. I take this walk often, to break the monotony or to take a quick brisk walk for exercise.

So I put on my layers and snow shoes and set off. All I could think was:

  • I should have dressed warmer.
  • I should have drove
  • What was I thinking?
  • These gloves are too thin
  • I should have wore a wintercoat.
  • Where’s my face mask?

Nonetheless, I got to the post office, dropped my letter and steeling my nerves started the walk back with the wind in my face this time which made it even colder. Luckily, my body had warmed up some. So instead I was thinking:

  • Oh wow, it’s cold out here.
  • That wind, oh my!
  • Maybe I should go one more block.
  • These are really good shoes
  • I’ll dress warmer next time and walk even further.

And in no time, I was back at the house, snapped a few pics ( I’ve posted some below), and warmed up some leftovers for lunch.

Down my street.

The forecast this morning. That translates to roughly 10 degrees Farenheit.

These are great snow shoes. And so comfortable too.

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