Drew a blank..for a moment

It’s 4°F (-16°C) degrees today. There’s a windchill advisory in effect until tonight.

I also have a terrible cough. Freezing temps and not feeling well calls for something hot..No, not that. Chicken soup, chilli or something.

I had the mind to make some porridge. I used to make it often but it’s been a while since I made some. So for a moment, I drew a complete blank.

I was standing by the sink, sufuria in hand wondering

“Hmmm, do you boil the water first or mix the flour and water then boil?”

Complete blank. Do it the wrong way and your porridge coagulates or jells creating disgusting little flour balls. So it’s a very important step. Distinctly.

I closed my eyes, tried to call up a memory and nothing! Then I just decided to use my most educated guess.

Boil water first

Mix flour with cold water in a small container or mug.

After water has boiled, pour flour and water mixture in the boiling water while stirring continuously.

Let simmer…

And it worked. The porridge is on the stove. I just added milk and sugar and is almost ready. Can’t wait.

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