Remember what they said about assuming?It’s true.

A few months ago, I saw some blueberries on sale at Aldi and decided to buy some. They were like 99 cents! And to my utter surprise they were really quite good. I started putting them in smoothies and grabbing a handful to have as snacks at work.

So this morning, I’m looking for something in the fridge, can’t remember what, and I saw some blueberry muffins in the fridge belonging to one of my housemates. I was getting a little hungry and I was like “Why not?”

I quickly made some decaf coffee and took one of the muffins. And this was the muffin a few moments later.

I mean, it was just plain delicious!

Funny the things you think you know without a doubt. I always thought that blueberry muffins did not taste good, the purple coloring and often moist look did not appeal to me. I actually don’t know if I ever tasted one or not. I somehow just based my opinion on how the muffins looked. I guess I should have wondered why so many people love blueberry muffins, right?

But Nope!  I just assumed it was more of a cultural thing. I did not grow up eating muffins. My childhood treats were digestives, chapatis, toffees. So I made an assumption and stuck to it. No questions asked.

But what do you know? Blueberry muffins are indeed delicious!! DELICIOUS! And I did not know that.

Wow! Makes you think. This is just an assumption I made about a type of muffin. A harmless assumption but one I mindlessly held for years. It’s a simple assumption, this is true, but it did keep me from partaking of a very delicious snack. What other assumptions have I, have you, have we made and what have these assumptions kept us from?

P.S: As I started this blog, I just wanted to share my sheer delight of discovering a very delicious snack right in front of my eyes but it led me to a different end than I thought as writing sometimes does. In fact, my original title was Blueberry muffins are delicious! Writing this blog made me think of assumptions we make of ourselves, of each other, of life and wonder what effect they may have on us. Food for thought.

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  1. gregoryjosephs says:

    Blueberry muffins *are* amazing! For me it was scallops. I grew up a long way from the ocean and assumed all seafood was horribly fishy and disgusting. After moving to the coast, I was introduced to a lot of seafood kicking and screaming.

    But scallops? Love at first bite!

    And yes, in my broader life I try to stay open minded and avoid assumptions. Hopefully I’m successful more than not.

    Great post!

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    1. authensible1357 says:

      Thanks! Here’s to staying open minded.

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  2. Chella says:

    Wow, there you go again boggling the mind with an truly amazing post!!! Wow I love reading your blogs 💕 Keep them coming!!!

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