Insomnia Diaries, Day 14..I think)

Two things compound to make me not even know what day it is. Persistent poor sleep, working weekends and long working days. So whereas today is Friday for most folks, it’s Monday for me. I work 1st shift (Friday to Monday ten hours a day). And I’m off Tuesday through Thursday. 

It’s actually a great shift, the three days off are freaking awesome. Only one catch: insomnia. It’s the absolute worst!

And there’s the rub. Last night, I woke up at 11pm (not sure why); at 12am (from a neighbor’s child screaming) Then I think I slept at 1am and my alarm is set for 3:55am. It’s exhausting. I’m beat.

Luckily only 3 more weeks left on this shift..And I cannot wait!!

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