Dead cell phone battery (Rant alert) & A Thank you to Radio Shack

My phone died sometime early this morning. I remember glancing at it at 2:30am or whatever the heck time it was. It seems as if I am always up these days but that’s a whole other rant for another day. Luckily, I either did not fall back to sleep or happened to wake up again at 3:45am. My alarm is set for 4am so I woke up anyway. As I was warming a cup of coffee, the electricity fluttered, maybe that’s when my phone battery was fried but I am not 100% certain.  It could have been before.

Anyway, long story short, so I was without my phone all day and by the end of the workday, I was quite anxious to find a replacement battery or figure out what on earth was wrong with my phone.

These are actual conversations. Almost verbatim.  Hence my rant.

First stop: Best Buy

Me: “My phone died in the night. Do you sell replacement batteries?”

Dude: “Hmm, let me see.” (Proceeds to takes my phone. Plugs it into the charger (Like I am so dense, I could not have figured that out. I had already tried charging my phone several times at home, in the car, at work, in the car again)

Dude: “It appears to be your battery.”

Me: Invisible eye roll. “Do you sell any?”

Dude: “Nope. Sorry. Have a nice day”

Me: Silent F. You

Second Stop: Metro PCS which is my cell phone carrier

Me: “My phone died. Do you have a replacement battery?”

Lady: “Hmm, May I see your phone?”

Me: “Sure.

Lady: “Was it charged?” (Same process of taking my phone plugging into charger and so on so forth)

Me: More vigorous invisible eye roll. “Do—You—Sell—Replacement Batteries??”

Lady: “No”

Me: “Do you know where I can buy one?”

Lady: “No, maybe online. I really do not know.”

Me: Silent OMG!! Seriously!!

Lady: “Have a nice day”

Me: More vigorous F. You !! & OMG!!

Finally I decided to go home and just search for the darn cell phone battery. I put a call to Radio Shack and the guy turned out to be the only helpful person so far. He explained to me where I can get a phone battery and told me quite emphatically to be careful that I do not buy the kind that cannot be charged while inside your phone.

Thank you Radio Shack!  They are getting a nice Thank you Note from me.

I was so disappointed with Best Buy and Metro PCS.  This is a question that they should have had the answer to and it was as if I had gone to ask my 10-year-old nephew a question.  Actually, he might have had a better answer!

I ordered a replacement battery after doing several searches online and the battery will arrive by Monday.  Okay rant over. 

There was an upside to not having a phone today but like the news is apt to tell us.. this and more coming the next blog.

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