Exactly 1 year later, my phone died..is that Irony, Corporate conspiracy or what??

So my phone died last Friday. I realized this fact just before I left for work at 4:30 am. My workday starts at 5am which is crazy early if you ask me, but I digress.

Back to the dead phone. I tried charging it, removing the battery and putting it back, recharging to no avail!! My attempts to find out what was wrong ticked me off especially when the people who were supposed to be at least versed on phones turned out to be pretty much useless. More on my ranting and raving can be found here https://authensible1357.wordpress.com/2017/04/23/dead-cell-phone-battery-rant-alert-a-thank-you-to-radio-shack/?preview=true

I ended up ordering a new battery which arrived from Amazon today. I was like a kid in the candy store! I could not believe my eyes!. I had been without a phone 3 whole days. Four if you include today. I tore the package recklessly, installed the new battery, plugged that sucker in and waited. And waited. Switched the charger, the cord, the battery again getting more frantic yet calm if that’s even possible.

But Nope, it was not the battery. My phone was dead. DEAD! So off I went to buy a new phone. I guess I knew deep down I needed a new phone. I am pretty frugal. No high end phones for this Kitty Cat. I have a budget and stick to it. Today I budgeted $130 and you best believe I stayed within tgat budget.

What caught my eye though was when I looked at my account agreement when I bought my phone last year. The day I bought my phone was 4/21/2016. And the day it died 4/21/2017! Coincidental??? Is that irony? Or planned? Or some weird corporate conspiracy? Do they make these phones so short lived that we have to keep buying new phones?? Same goes for other electronics and other stuff really.  Makes one like really seriously wonder!!

At the back of my mind is another rant on weird economics and how nothing lasts for long anymore! But for now, I am enjoying my new phone.  It’s pretty cool!

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