Grief, 2 years later (Part 1)

Today the 21st of May was my mom’s last full earthly day. She died in the very early hours of May 22, 2018 of heart failure. Her death was sudden and unexpected. It has been one of the most traumatic experiences of my life. Tomorrow, we’ll have a small memorial for mom. In these time…

Old Habits Die Hard

I still reach my phone to call mom especially on my morning commute. Yesterday morning, it had gotten so cold and a thought just jumped to my mind to call and chat with her and tell her how unbelievably cold it had become. Because it’s an international number, I would have to dial an access…

After a loss, even little things change

When a loved one dies, everything changes. Everything. I love saving pins, I save memes, quotes, art, clothing etc etc. The first pin I saved after mom died was how much I miss her phone calls. The day before, I was nonchalantly going on with my life, saving miscellaneous pins oblivious to how drastically life…

Something Precious

Yesterday morning, a lock of my hair fell out while I was putting my hair up in a bun and I started wishing I had taken a lock of mom’s hair or a handprint or something. Something unique and precious that I could make into a pendant or frame it. Mom died suddenly and unexpectedly….

Dear mom, life is weird now.

Dear mom, it’s funny how your death has touched just about every aspect of my life. Nothing seems the same anymore, nothing seems normal. Things I thought were important, excuses I made, decisions I made, people I thought were friends, stupid memes I thought were so damn profound, silly useless advice I gave and received….