Not Again!!!

My sleep routine failed me last night. I was up till 3:40am or maybe 4 not sure. Where did I go wrong? Hmm, I think I went to bed too early. Plus I should have gotten out of bed and did something like laundry or dishes or whatever then tried to go back to sleep….

Stuck Abroad

When the pandemic hit in March, a lot of people were stuck abroad. You’ve probably read or heard plenty of those stories. Of people stuck all of a sudden in foreign countries as borders closed. I was among those people.

Daily Prompt: Belief

I have a younger brother who was an alcoholic for most of his adult life. Several years ago, he stopped drinking cold turkey..something I would NEVER advise anyone to do. It was rough on him and our family. The symptoms of acute alcohol withdrawal are not to be taken lightly. It took about a couple…