Week 6: It is what it is.

This is basically where I am sleepwise. But I’m sick and tired of talking about it. So on to other stuff this week. I made the mistake of entering my phone number on one of those ever increasing online forms and ended up spending several days fending off Quicken Loans. These guys are totally relentless….

Week 5: Ebbs and Flows

This past week was good.. everything considered. I had coffee with a good friend. It was good to catch up. I took two days off from work and caught up on tasks that I had not had a chance to get to. I even finished unpacking my suitcase from my trip to Nairobi last December….

Quite candidly

Compared to yesterday, today is starkly different. Much cooler, grayer, gloomier, quiter. Where the sun shone brightly yesterday, today there is nothing but gray clouds in the sky. Looks like it might rain. It’s the perfect morning for breakfast in bed whilst watching a favorite TV show. So that’s precisely what I’m doing. Having breakfast…

One Hundred Posts!!

Look who’s made 100 posts. Yours truly that’s who! What a pleasant little surprise.💛😊

A blog by any other name..

A year ago I started this blog but then it lay dormant most of the year. When I started, I used the title AuthenticAutumn. I tried to find my notes for how I came up with this name but they remain misplaced for now.  In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been slowly working to…