A Hike in the Woods

So I am doing some short stories or sometimes just prose based on writing prompts in a journal titled Write the Story. Generally, the writing prompts includes a title and 8-10 words that need to be included in the story. I randomly pick a page and write. Today I picked A Hike in the Woods….

Building Gratitude.01

For some reason, sleep eluded me last night and I only started feeling sleepy just before my alarm went off..sigh. Then there was an accident on the highway which led me being 30 minutes late to work..ugh. But driving up on this little street that turns into the Parking Lot. I looked up and there…

Birthday shenanigans

Our birthday weekend is coming to an end, tomorrow we drive back to the city. And as we sit watching movies and just chilling, we wish we had another day to spend here, the weather has been crappy but the views have been majestic. The resort is just next to a huge store outlets mall…


Waking up to this view this morning feels so serene to me. The birthday girls were still asleep when I awoke bright and early. I tiptoed to the kitchen, made a cup of herb tea and came back to bed to watch as the wafts of mist rose from the lake covering the lake making…

Beauty of fall

” Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower” -Albert Camus