21 days of remembrance: Day 3

Today’s thought is a reflection on a familiar and loved image and saying. This tiny little kitty looks at her reflection and sees a mighty tiger.

I suppose I could research and be able to find the author of this image but for the purpose of this blog. I’ll say author unknown

When I was a little girl, I was a shy timid little thing scared of people, hiding behind my mom’s skirts. I didn’t play much. My favorite pastime was reading everything in sight!! I was an obedient little girl. Intellectual pursuits, a love of reading and a vivid imagination were no doubt my superpowers but I never really overcame my shy and reserved nature even as I grew into adulthood.

But one thing I can say with utter confidence is that my mom’s presence, her encouragement, her influence on my life, her never ending, never exhausted unconditional love for me, for us, for her family and loved ones did make us feel like that mighty tiger: Unbeatable, Courageous. Protected. It certainly did me when I needed it most.

Such a powerful image. And that’s why it’s my choice for Day 3 of this remembrance.

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  1. Chella says:

    I love this post and what a cute little kitty!!! Man it make me wAnt to aspire to do greater things!!! I’m so glad your mom made you a better person my friend! You are awesome, thanks for sharing!!!


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