21 days of remembrance

As we begun May, I thought I would do 21 days of remembrance for mom because somehow, somehow, someway, I, we, our family is making it to five years since mom moved from this realm to the next one.

Such pretty words, aren’t they? Moved from this realm to the next, passed on, transitioned on blah blah. Let’s not get it twisted. Death is not to be cliched away. Death is brutal. It’s brutal to the family, and sometimes, often times brutal to the person dying too. But mostly to the family, lest we forget. Especially when we become so desensitized to death with every passing day. Doesn’t it seem like there’s so much going on everywhere? But I digress a little.

The point is by the grace of the divine, I, we, my siblings, nieces, nephews and all those who knew and loved, my mom aka Mama Jane have survived almost 5 years. Five years without her in this realm so to speak. And that alone is deserving of a remembrance. I am picking quotes, photos, thoughts that embody mom’s love, her thinking, her laughter, her philosophy on life et cetera et cetera. Where the quotes and photos are not my own, credit will be given to the author.

Yesterday’s quote was.

And today was

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  1. Chella says:

    I love the remembrance and the quotes!!! I still miss not seeing your mom, she was a very special woman indeed!!! Thanks for the nice remembrance of her my friend❤️💜💝


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