Dates etched in ink

Sometimes dates are etched in ink in your mind. This is a short story..uhm short story or essay? Well rambling more like . So brief ramblings of one such date.

Recently my car was totaled. Well, on January 28th. It was quite upsetting, truth be told. And it has pre occupied my mind In any case, yesterday, I received an email with a link that was set to expire on Feb 23rd.

As I was looking at the date, I thought to myself there’s something about this date. Is it someone’s birthday? No wait, this is the day my brother died. Mind you this is in the space of seconds really. That’s how fast our minds work.

That was 29 years ago. Twenty nine. In past years, I’ve had the date penciled in my calendar or a memorial planned or I’d change my profile photo here and there.

It’s not that I had forgotten. But with the totaled car, a bout of insomnia, and work, and life, my mind has not been as sharp as it could be. And yet even in that state, it took less than 5 seconds for my mind to make that connection.

That’s how it is for dates written in stone.

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