With my eye I spy

Looking forward to seeing what this critter will do. It is currently on one of my flower plants and basically has almost eaten it all.

A more experienced gardener told me it was a Hummingbird something.
So of course I had to do some further research. And yes, I do know that curiosity killed the cat but what can I do? A leopard cannot change its spots. I’ve always been a curious kind of gal and I love learning new stuff so off to do more research I went.

Turns out our critter here is a Hummingbird Clearwing. Biological name Hemaris thysbe. Right now feeding. It’s pretty much done with the plant it’s on but not quite. When I left the garden today, it was still quietly feeding.

And then it’ll bury in the ground and then emerge in the Spring as this magnificent very colorful moth

That should be super fascinating to watch. Can’t wait 🤣

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  1. Chella says:

    Very interesting analysis and detail. All I can say is that you’re better than me, because the first thing I would have done is smash the sucker for eating almost my entire plant🙄. So instead of it being a hummingbird Clearwing, the little worm would have been a hummingbird nowings!!!🤭😂😁.
    Just kidding, I wouldn’t have killed the little critter, but I would have removed it from my plant so it doesn’t eat the entire crop!
    But you being “miss curiosity killing the cat”, I knew you wouldn’t do that. So you’ll
    Have to let us know if this worm truly does become a moth next season. Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventures as always!!!

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