Oh oh,might I be a wasp killer, A pollinator killer??

Lying on my bed yesterday, I saw this huge wasp flying in my room. How it got in initially stumped me but obviously I had to act immediately!

So without missing a beat, I leaped out the bed like I was somehow twenty something years old again. And out the bedroom door, I went, frantically looking for the bug spray which naturally was nowhere to be found and I had to go downstairs to find it. And yes I admit, I did spray like a crazed woman when I hopped, skipped and jumped back to my room.

The wasps..coz of course it turned out to be two wasps ended up in my window. Which I promptly closed and trapped them. Now it was their turn to frantically fly around looking for a way out.

I watched them for a bit and then got my chance to lift the window a bit and yes sprayed again liked a crazed woman one more time. Well, don’t judge me. You weren’t there.

I know they wouldn’t survive. I went to my garden. And in the back of my mind was. Oh shoot, are wasps are pollinators?? Which of course they are. As a Gardener, I have a thing about Pollinators and I do wish I’d found a way to get them about of my room safely but it was literally either them or me. And my fight or flee instinct had already been activated.

Wasps trapped in my window after a good doze of bug spray

I dared not open my window throughout the night. I’m not afraid of too many creepy crawlies. But I am scared sh**less of wasps. Their sting is painful af

Then this evening, I happened to look in my window and what do I see. Can you believe these two suckers drew together in death?? WTF?? Did they move towards one another as they died which must have been quite a feat. The last time I saw them, they were barely moving.

Yep, looks like they did!! And I guess I’m officially a pollinator killer. Like I needed any more f***ing guilt and regret in my life. Bastards!

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  1. Chella says:

    Hehehe that is just hilarious!!!🤣😂🤭 especially because I can only imagine how you were running aimlessly trying to find some spray to kill them with!
    Thanks for that laugh and that post, as always I was both intrigued and fascinated by your story! I also totally agree that it was either you or them, especially when they are flying around in an enclosed space, so don’t worry too much about being a pollinator killer since if they would have gotten you I’m not sure how long they would have survived anyways😁😂🤭🤣. Thanks as always for the wonderful post!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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