O Christmas tree, I Christmas tree.

Today, I put up my little Christmas tree. It took me all of 2 minutes to bring it up from the basement, find a surface to place on and plug it into a socket and voila! The Christmas tree was up.

Ain’t it beautiful?

It’s a puny little tree but I rather like it.

My usual tree (below) takes me a few days to put up and requires quite a bit of effort. I usually put up this larger tree for one of two reasons. Sometimes, I put it up to feel festive, to brighten my days. It’s a beautiful tree when all the trim and decorations are up. And other times I put it because I am in a festive mood and I take delight in getting the tree set up.

Starting point
End product

There’s a distinct difference between these two reasons and there’s also a huge sorta gray area between the two.

And this year’s holidays, or at least four days before Christmas, finds me in this vast in between. I don’t need a huge Christmas tree to feel festive but I also do not feel like putting in the time and effort vto put up a humongous tree. It’s not a bad place to be. Not a bad place at all

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