Glass half full or half empty?

I’ve been having a weird oil burning kind of smell in my car for a few days. The smell is very strong in the morning and at the end of day. The smell was a little overpowering, so during my commute last evening, I opened my windows to ease the smell. Unfortunately, I forgot the windows down ( I never leave my Windows down) but I was distracted.

Long story short, the inside of the damn car was all wet, chairs, dashboard, stuff inside the car.. I took everything out including my extra masks!! And draped a blanket on the driver’s seat.

The damn tech can’t smell a thing, “Oh” he says, “you need a wheel alignment”

I’m like “No, I am more focused on the smell”

He’s like “I don’t smell anything but I’ll check it out. You’ll have to leave it here till tomorrow or Friday. And also, our shuttle is out but you can wait in our lounge”


So here I am waiting at the Jay Wolfe Honda lounge. Good thing they’ve got good coffee and everyone is masked. I brought my own coffee, a book to read and my phone. Also, I did find they have masks for customers- thank you for that.

So Even though everything appears to be a little upside down this morning, I’ll consider this glass half full not half empty and hopefully they will figure out the source of that oil burning smell.

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