Some days you catch a glimpse of hope

Some days, you wake up, fighting the usual demons of despair and hopelessness; but through sheer effort also conjure a twinge of hope?

You push yourself to go for that outdoor walk you’ve been telling yourself you’ll do for weeks, maybe even months.

And push yourself to work on a project or two

You even forgo NPR, the podcasts and classical music And instead play the music you typically avoid. Music leaded with memories. Memories of before. Before deep loss.

And then somehow you even accomplish items that have been on your to do list for weeks, months maybe even a year or two.

And you think to yourself

Hmmm, maybe there might be hope for me still. And maybe even a glimpse of hope, dreams for the future.

And at the end of the day, you think to yourself

Oh wow, today was a beautiful day. I’m so so very grateful

And a real true smile sparks, albeit briefly, in your heart like some kind of Morse code. The smile even teases the corners of your lips

And for a moment, you catch a glimpse of that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel

What a wonderful feeling that is.

Isn’t it?

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