One positive side effect of social media.

I think this is the first day all summer that I’ve not had some kind of travel memory on my FB feed or photo drives. All summer, my feed has had almost daily memories of me planning trips, booking flights, packing stuff, shopping, jetlag! Memories of hectic days getting ready to travel, hectic days at home, of arriving home exhausted, of leaving home sad. But also memories of laughing our asses off with family, with mom, my nephews, nieces. Memories of time spent together.

And seeing these memories everyday made me think”Wow. I was a travelling maniac! And I’m getting too old for this s***!”

Today, I’m in a more wistful mood. Calmer, quieter, purposeful, reflective and making an effort to be self compassionate. I just have to say that I’m so proud of myself that despite EVERYTHING, I always traveled home. Despite the setbacks and missteps, the hustle and bustle of earning a living too or lack thereof, despite the times my heart was broken and even when I was grieving great losses, I packed my s***, pushed through the hurt and pain and went home.

Sometimes I forget that. Especially in recent years when my mother who used to wait for me to arrive no matter what time it was, and call me incessantly is no longer on this side of life.

But today? Today, I remember and I’m glad. It’s true social media can once in a while have a positive side effect.

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  1. Chella says:

    Very nice blog dear, thank you so much for sharing that great post! And yes I do know that you have done a lot of traveling throughout your life, we both love traveling usually!!! Thanks again for the memories


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