9/1. 1:37am

I looked up at the clock and it contained 3 of my favorite digits and numbers which is always a delight. And hoped that this would be enough to salvage the night, the new day, the new month.

The first of the month is always a good time to reset and start over and my intent had been to reset my Keto, IF, to hit several restart buttons right at 00:00 hours aka midnight. But instead, here I am with a bowl of cereal in the middle of the night battling my usual enemy, lack of sleep

But then I looked up and it was 1:37am. A number consisting of my favorite digits. Of course it would have been better had it been 9/1 1:11am. Not only would it be still be earlier but also just an awesome number

But nope, here we are 9/1; 1:37am. Well we were, twenty minutes ago. That moment has passed, It’s now past 2am and I’m well into a second bowl of cereal. Small bowls but still!, and about to restart the TV one more time and postpone something else again

Reset postponed. And somehow I know. I’m not the only one postponing some goal or other. Such is life.

Isn’t there a quote about this? I just came across it in the last day or so. Don’t know. The post will have to do without it or else I’ll be writing a post about 9/1 4am or something and that’ll be no fun at all.

Happy September you all

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  1. Chella says:

    That would indeed be no fun at all my friend!!! Enjoy your cereal and hopefully you will sleep soon! Thanks as always for your nice and great timing for posts! I too hope to sleep soon since it will be a long day at work! Thank you my friend for always making me smile, even at 2:51 in the morning❤️


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