Three years ago today

Three years ago
We laid you to rest
It was a hard day
perhaps the toughest day of my life

Watching the coffin
Your coffin
Be sunk
6 feet under

Back then, I couldn’t even say
Mom died
I said mom passed away

Even today, it blows my mind when I think of the finality of dying
The finality of your death
To not see you again
Hear you
Call you
Be called by you

How strange
That people die everyday
But only when it happens to us
Do we really stop
That we are stopped
Literally in our tracks
Yanked from autopilot
Into reality, a new reality, a nightmarish reality

And yet how ordinary it is
Happening every minute
Of everyday
One would think it just another ordinary thing

But they’d be wrong. It’s not. It is but it’s not. It’s not but it is.

Three years ago today on May 31, 2018, we laid you to rest.

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  1. Chella says:

    That is so true and deep and thought provoking my friend!!!
    You are so right that life is never the same when we lose a parent or any loved one!!!
    I remember your mom and her wonderful memories, she will always be a very special and remembered woman!!! Thanks for sharing!!


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