One day, we won’t be here

This thought occurred to me today. Well it occurs to me a lot lately. I think deep loss does that. Makes us think of the fragility of life and our own mortality. How quickly everything can change. In an instant really.

Anyway, the thought came to me during my restroom break. Sitted on the commode, I’d been looking at tables and data all morning and my brain was tired. So off to the bathroom, I went. I was browsing my phone as we often do and there it was

Someday, we won’t be here..on this planet. We’ll be.. I’ll be gone from it. And..oh how I’ll miss it.

My life isn’t perfect right now. Far from it. The last few years have beaten me down quite a bit. But, I am still here ain’t I? Still standing..well sitting as I was on the commode. I know I am making light of the moment. Of the seemingly very profound moment in that very ordinary of things, a restroom break in the middle of a busy workday.

And yet it is so true. Perhaps the truest of all truths. One day, you, me, all of us will be gone. Moved on from this time and space. Wow! Amazing isn’t it?

Let’s live. Live this moment, the next and the next. I know we cannot very well be this hyper aware of our mortality or the fragility of life. But every once in a while, let’s do remember it dear readers and let us cherish every day we are lucky to be still here, still breathing, still alive.

Oh wow! That took on a somber note.. Perhaps because it is quite a sobering thought😊

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  1. Chella says:

    It sure is a sobering thought but a very true thought as well! You are correct that life is very precious, and each day that we are allowed to be a part of it is a true blessing!!!
    I constantly have to tell myself that everyday so thanks for that enlightening yet sobering reminder! Take care my friend💜❤️💚

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