Happy Birthday my dearest friend

My good friend and long time neighbor would have been 83 today. She celebrated her last birthday in 2016. She turned 78 that year. It was not a good year for her. She’d lost her sight two years before and her legs hurt a lot. She spent many days in the hospital ER that year.

But on her good days, she was a hoot! Telling the wildest of stories and cursing her head off. I loved her dearly. I loved going over to her house. Those last few years, she needed a lot of help, I went over often.

Two days ago, her birthday reminder popped on my phone. And today, I stopped by and put a fresh bouquet of flowers for her birthday.

And told her to say hi to my mama who passed away 17 months after Essie.

I said

“Essie, can you believe mom died too? Can you believe that shit!? Ain’t that something?”

I imagined her saying. “Yeah, that sure is something Catherine. It sure is a whole bunch of shit. Life ain’t nothing but a whole bunch of shit, I tell you. I remember..”

And two hours later, I might have started saying I gotta go Essie..and maybe 2 hours later I would have been finally leaving. She loved to talk, she loved people, she was a wonderful authentic human. I miss her still. Happy Birthday Essie. Don’t be cussing so much in heaven❤😅

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  1. Chella says:

    Yes happy birthday our dear friend and mother!!! She was indeed a remarkable woman, and I remember her stories as well, they were indeed a hoot!!!
    I still miss our dear friend and neighbor, thanks so much for honoring and remembering her birthday! That is very sweet of you💜❤️💚

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    1. authensible1357 says:

      Thank you Chella. You are always so good at checking my blogs out. I appreciate you.


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