Stuck Abroad

When the pandemic hit in March, a lot of people were stuck abroad.  You’ve probably read or heard plenty of those stories.  Of people stuck all of a sudden in foreign countries as borders closed.  I was among those people. I arrived in Nairobi on February 19th on a month long vacation and was surprised to see airport workers in masks and gloves.  A week later after I believe the third COVID-19 case in the country, international flights were suspended and stayed suspended all the way through to the fall.

Many people found themselves in similar position as many borders throughout the globe started closing.  Many scrambled to get back home, some succeeded, some didn’t.  Many were alone, many were on vacations. I was lucky that I got stuck at home with my family.  Yes, I did lose my job and therefore earnings and had to dip deeply into my savings. I had only packed clothes and stuff for a month or so, so I ran out of everything including my prescriptions, my plans were upended which was not just a mere case of inconvenience but highly upsetting. 

Still, luckily I was stuck abroad so in that area, I was indeed  very lucky to be stuck at home.

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  1. Chella says:

    I thank God everyday that you were stuck at home and not in some strange country with no way of getting back, that would have been both frustrating and scary!!!
    And I’m glad you finally got to arrive back in the states safely, welcome back my friend😀

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