Balance..but what type of balance?

I have had this image saved on my phone for almost two years. I’ve looked at it several times and to me, it always meant balance. A balance of mind, body and spirit.

And it still means that. But today as I was looking for an image to put on my WhatsApp status, this image happened to catch my eye and I noticed how the stone for the Mind was the smallest, then that of the Body then the Spirit was the largest forming the base as though indeed grounding all three.

And I literally asked out loud “Does that mean that we have over emphasized the mind and minimized the spirit?” Among the three, should the mind matter the least I started to wonder, should our emphasis should be more on our spirit?

In my adult life, I have not been particularly religious, but I have always considered myself spiritual but I wonder sometimes, if I am just saying that. If it’s just a cop out, you know? What exactly are my beliefs? I was raised catholic but I was away from the Church for a long time and only recently have I started renewing my faith. I consider myself a good person and try to do unto others as they would do unto me, and to love my neighbor as I love myself. Do I always succeed? No, I am only human after all, but I know that I do try.

But there have also been plenty of times where I have felt spiritual and have felt deeply connected to a higher being. At those times, I have felt at peace and certainly try to have more of those moments in my life.

Seeing this image this morning just made me think of how we balance mind, body and spirit. Where do we place our emphasis, or are all three in harmony? What about you dear reader, which of the three resonates most to you or do you feel a sense of harmony?

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  1. Chella says:

    Thanks for sharing and for asking these very thought provoking questions! I try to keep all three of these words in balance at the same time too, but it doesn’t always work out that way as you mentioned😏
    These days I find myself trying to focus more on my mind but particularly the body since I felt like I had gotten away from those characteristics after I got sick last year so those two traits kind of got lost in the back burner!
    Some days it’s a real challenge Especially with the current COV-19 pandemic where you can’t even go to the gym or most parks for that matter, but atleast as the weather is starting to be nicer I can be outside doing stuff around my own home🙂
    Thanks for sharing this post, it was a very good one and made me think about if mind, body and spirit should all be used at the same time🤔🤔 thanks again for sharing!


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