Day 25 in Kenya

It’s 6:11 am here in Nairobi. I have been up for about an hour checking up on my bills and responding to e-mails. As I listen to the rooster crowing outside, announcing the start of a brand new day, I hasten to complete my post and jump on my chores. With a house, garden and a few livestock to take care of, my day does get full. Best to get the day started early.

Anyway at Day 25, here’s where we stand in Kenya. I am so proud of what our government is doing to deal with the pandemic. Testing is still low and has focused on those who traveled into the country in mid to late March and contact tracing. But this is expected to be ramped up in the following week or so and we’ll be able to have a truer picture of where we stand. But I can say this, it is a relief to get actual updates with accurate information from experts. If I was back in the states, I would be pulling my hair out having to listen to the WH daily briefings which are honestly like the ravings of a mad person.

But I digress. This is where things stood as of yesterday’s end of day briefing in Kenya. Good day to you. Stay safe.

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