Day 24 in Kenya

As of today, there are 184 confirmed cases and 7 deaths so far. Testing is still limited and is expected to become more widespread in the next few weeks as the country acquires more equipment. Once testing ramps up, there will be a more accurate count of confirmed cases. Measures put into place so far are as follows:

  • Social distancing
  • no shaking hands or hugging
  • hand washing stations
  • masks and gloves in public
  • night time curfew
  • hot spots such as Nairobi and Kilifi locked in
  • Travel upcountry discouraged

Like many countries that are super social, Kenyans are struggling with the curfews and lack of shaking hands. I think we are doing better with shaking hands but the curfew continues to be tough! I went out to the road a few minutes before curfew and there were still cars on the road!

Screen shot a few minutes before curfew yesterday.

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  1. Chella says:

    Wow, I know the new rules are tough, especially since you all love to greet one another with a hand shake or hug! Hopefully this virus will not disrupt our lives for too much longer! In MO we currently have around 4,000 cases and 91 deaths so far😏 it’s not good but communities are doing what they must to not spread the germs or this virus so hopefully we will soon be on the downside of this virus! Stay safe and be careful my friend!


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