Left hanging by the handyman

Left hanging just didn’t feel right. A lot of things don’t feel right anymore. For example, words I used nonchalantly before. Just this morning, I was journaling how the down times at work kill me. I literally went back, crossed it out and wrote stress me out instead. Life has changed, I’ve changed. Grief does that to you but I digress.

This post was to be about a handyman who left me..in a lurch. Nicest guy ever though there were signs he was not very reliable. He took a week to call me back, claimed he was out of town which could have very well been true. Then there were small missed deadlines and myriad excuses. First just a few hours, then a day, then a week and now over a whole month.

Over a month waiting for the above project to be completed. I left a couple of messages citing unprofessional behavior blah blah. Nothing! no response. And get this, I’d already paid for the project in full (my bad on that one. Lesson learned) I thought about giving him a bad review but I’ve changed my mind for now.. I mean he does do a great job, is very thorough and careful in his work. He just doesn’t complete it!

I get a feeling that he has some personal issues going on that get in the way of completing his work and meeting his deadlines. But heck we all do, I’m at a contract job that stresses the heck out of me and yet I come to work without fail, push myself through the day and hope I make it through my contract or at least halfway through.

Still, I hesitate to give him a bad review..for now. What about you? Have you been left in a lurch by a handyman or other service person. Did you leave a bad review?

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  1. Chella says:

    That totally stinks that he didn’t finish the project, especially since he has a verbal contract to do so, so I say leave the buster a bad review!!!
    At least that will let other potential clients know that he is not reliable or dependable! I have a feeling that this is not the first time that he’s probably done something like this😡🤨
    I know it’s always hard to leave a bad or negative review for someone, but sometimes it’s needed! I’m still hoping he will come back and finish the work🤞🏽


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