A missed friend.

Essie, yesterday I walked at that park on Paseo near the old Research Hospital. You would remember it.

As I walked, I noticed the structures on it. The old stairs leading to what may have been a swimming pool.

The stone archway that leads to a little bridge crossing the tiniest little stream, you know?

You’d probably know what it was and proceed to tell me it’s entire history.

If I remember the city’s history correctly, this area on Paseo was a whites only neighborhood during the Jim Crow era. This beautiful boulevard certainly attests to that.

This may have been a real nice swimming pool and community space. It seems I clearly remember you telling me about this place or was it some other? Could have been some place else.

You had a wealth of information about the city and many a day did we sit listening to the stories you spun.

As I finished my walk, I turned around one more time and hit the shutter button.

What a beautiful space it must have been. It’s remnants certainly are. I wish I could come over to your house and ask you about it.

You most likely would have lots to say about this park, the city, the state and a myriad other topics. I miss that. Knowing that I could come over anytime, perhaps bring you something to eat or help you with a chore and listen to your stories and just chat.

I miss you neighbor. Hope you didn’t talk St. Peter’s ears off! But most likely, you did. Didn’t you Essie?

In loving memory of Ms. Essie Hurt 3/7/1939 – 12/16/2016. RIP my old friend.

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  1. Chella says:

    That is so beautiful my dear friend…thanks so much for sharing the beautiful memories!!!
    Essie is indeed missed and was a cherished, treasured friend!!! Thank you so much for remembering the stories and memories she shared with us😏
    And yes, I definitely would agree that she is talking St. Peter’s head off with her stories🤗


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