After a loss, even little things change

When a loved one dies, everything changes. Everything.

I love saving pins, I save memes, quotes, art, clothing etc etc.

The first pin I saved after mom died was how much I miss her phone calls.

The day before, I was nonchalantly going on with my life, saving miscellaneous pins oblivious to how drastically life can change. And the next day, boom! Life irrevocably changed.

In the large scheme of life, I know pins are really nothing, just a way to pass time and save things we like. But after a deep loss, even little things change. Even pastimes like savings pins.

#griefjourney #griefsupport #ripmom #rip #imissyoumom

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  1. Chella says:

    That is so true my friend…these pins do mean a lot! I miss your mom as well…hang in there my dear friend❤️💜 and thanks as always for sharing!!!


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