Something Precious

Yesterday morning, a lock of my hair fell out while I was putting my hair up in a bun and I started wishing I had taken a lock of mom’s hair or a handprint or something. Something unique and precious that I could make into a pendant or frame it. Mom died suddenly and unexpectedly. The days after were a real shock. I didn’t think to get a lock of hair or anything like that.

As I was standing there wishing I had mom’s hair or sonething; and about to go into a tailspin of what-ifs, a strong realization came upon me. I had one of the most precious things of mom right there with me: Me. Me!

I could take the very best care of myself. I was something precious of mom’s! The realization hit me, filling me with gladness and..and awe. Nothing was more precious than us, her children. It was a really really awesome moment. I hope I remember this more often than I forget it on this grief journey.

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  1. Chella says:

    Oh wow, you couldn’t be more right my special friend! And I know for a fact that your moms most precious possessions were her children! I could tell in how much she treasured you all and talked to you every single day. You are loved more than you’ll ever know❤️💙💚


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