Mom, what’s heaven like?

In that fog of morning sleep, I woke up thinking. Let me call mom, see what she’s up to today…Then I said to myself, mom’s not here, she’s in heaven.

It’s been 8.5 months. 9 months next week. I miss you mom. Wish I could you call and ask you what’s heaven’s like and what you are doing now and hi mom and how much I love you and mom, I’ve missed you so sooo much.

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  1. Chella says:

    Awwww, that’ is so sweet!!! she here’s every word you say and she does know how much you miss her! She is always just a conversation away…hang in there my friend!💜❤️

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  2. Have you heard the song, “I can only imagine”? You can find it on Youtube. It was written by the lead singer of the band, Mercy Me after his Dad passed away. I think you might like it. Love your blogs about your Mom. Good for you for getting it on paper. Well, so to speak.

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    1. authensible1357 says:

      No, I have not heard that song but I’ll look for it and listen. Thanks for reading my blogs about mom. It helps me to write sbout mom, to talk/write about grief.


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