Seven months ago

So it’s been 7 months since we lost mom. It’s been particularly hard being here at home and not seeing mom, hearing her voice and laughter, sitting and chatting. Mom had the most hilarious stories that she’d tell over and over and just crack the hell up😅. I feel her absence acutely and miss her dearly every day.

There are times and moments, the grief is too intense and totally unbearable. But there are also days and moments that it’s not as intense and for that I’m grateful.

The holidays are definitely strange, challenging and really hard without mom but we continue to find ways big and small to incorporate mom’s legacy, her kindness, hospitality and love into the festivities and season.

What I’ve learned the most about grief is that there is no way around it but through.

#grief #missyoumom #mominheaven #family #christmas #holidays #griefjourney #grieving #releasinggrief

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