Birthday shenanigans

Our birthday weekend is coming to an end, tomorrow we drive back to the city. And as we sit watching movies and just chilling, we wish we had another day to spend here, the weather has been crappy but the views have been majestic.

The resort is just next to a huge store outlets mall so the twins have been shopping their little hearts out. Here they are in their brand new birthday outfits.

And here we are together

But even in such a scenic location, my thoughts have been on my mom who passed away suddenly almost 6 months ago now. I did a pretty good job keeping a brave face and the times when I felt the inner sadness threaten to overwhelm me, I just went to my room and sat in the sun or had myself a good cry.

I sit now finishing this post and looking out at the lake before night falls and shrouds the lake in darkness. This has been good. We had a great time.  Being here looking out at the lake has been good for me and I hope to return more often.

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  1. Chella says:

    It has indeed been truly enjoyable and I wouldn’t trade these memories or times for anything! Thanks for making my birthday so special❤️💙💜


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