Terrible, thanks for asking.

There’s a podcast I found a few months ago with this very name. It’s about those days or times when you feel terrible after loss, grief etc etc and someone asks you how are you? And really you feel terrible but say fine anyway.

This is where I am. Where I have been for the last 7 weeks since mom died.

So how am I?

Terrible, Thanks for asking.

Mom is gone. It’s a terrible shock. It hurts like crazy. I cannot believe it still..yet.

I think this is a terrible dream that I will wake up from but alas, it’s not.

Today, I thought to myself. How on earth will I get through this? And I realized the same way I’ve gotten through other hurdles by writing, by reading, by journaling. By writing and writing and writing.

So dear reader, I hope you’ll pardon me as I will be writing about mom and grief a lot.

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