Ketogenic anyone?

Two days ago, I stumbled across the documentary, The Magic Pill on Netflix and found it to be so fascinating.

Briefly, the hypothesis behind this documentary is that our bodies are more adept at using fat for fuel than it is at using carbohydrates.

According to the documentary, humans actually evolved eating mostly meat, vegetables and healthy fats. Fast forward a million years, and we eat mostly processed foods, a lot of carboyhdrates and sugar, and a lot of factory-produced meat.

And basically, the documentary alleges that this modern diet is the cause of many of the health problems that we face today.

The documentary includes personal stories of people who had seen significant improvements and benefits from changing their eating habits to a more ketogenic diet which involves eating primarily healthy fats, meat and vegetables with very few carbohydrates.

I found this documentary so intriguing and I’m curious, does anyone follow a ketogenic diet? And what has your experience been? Or just your thoughts in general.

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  1. Kelly MacKay says:

    It seems so obvious to me. Stay to the outside of the grocery store, everything in the middle is processed and not food.

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    1. authensible1357 says:

      So true!

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  2. Well, I am trying this diet. I started last Saturday, and I promised myself that I would not climb on the scales until the seventh day. But this is what I have discovered so far. It is an easy diet o follow. Some people get keto flu, and I was one of them. I got it Monday night I really thought I had a bug until I did some additional reading. While I had the “flu.” I joined an online support group thru facebook. They provided such great tips that helped alleviate my symptoms. I stared feeling better yesterday, and this morning, I felt terrific. I haven’t had this much energy in years. Plus, I am not dealing with hunger pains. In fact, I have to almost force myself to eat because I know it’s not healthy to skip meals. So far, just a week in, I am a happy camper

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