Week 16: More of the same

I mean that’s life right? It’s pretty mundane. Same thing, day in day out. We have our daily lists made up of a mix of things like work, parenting, chores, school, study, sleep or lack thereof, pastimes, a major event here and there.

The trick is finding meaning in those mundane days. Ok, have I used the word mundane enough? Ok let’s try another word. Ordinary. There’s nothing wrong with an ordinary day, an ordinary life. There’s much value in that. Most of us live in that space of ordinary days. And that’s ok.

As I sit here at my desk, I hear the birds chirping, cars passing by, my neighbor’s dog, Bella, barking. I look out at the Oak tree outside my window as my mind zips from one thought to another as minds always do. Just an ordinary day really.

In a similar vein, my week was ordinary. I went to work Tuesday through Saturday. There was less overtime this week which was good, we had about 10 weather seasons this past week in Kansas City, some on the very same day day..go figure. I filed my taxes..oh wait a minute, there was something notable. I found out that I did not file local earnings tax since 2012! Yeah, so I owe Uncle Sam, a big chunk of change. I was bummed out for a bit that’s for sure but see, I’d already forgotten about it. All in an ordinary life.

Life itself is the gift we overlook as we search for those extraordinary moments which do come every so often. But, the fact that we are alive, still breathing, still here on this amazing planet is the true wonder.

So enjoy your ordinary week or perhaps not so ordinary. And see you next week.


P.S.: I kinda digressed with this post. It led me where I didnt think I was going but that is how it is with writing. So I will post it anyway. Take care. ❤

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