Week 11: Another week saunters by

So let’s see what happened this past week.

  • Work was a nightmare. It’s not that the job is hard. Truth be told, it’s an easy, pretty mediocre analyst job. The problem is just how fast-paced it is becoming as time goes on. It is near impossible to keep up. We are indefinitely shorthanded and I use the word indefinitely quite deliberately. Our entire organization is a revolving door, people just do not stay. The work is too much and the pay too low. But that’s a whole other blog for another day. Let’s move on with the week.
  • I had, I think, 3 terrible nights of sleeplessness. Or put a better way, I slept quite well more than half the time this week. I will take it because where my sleep is concerned, positive thinking is key. Sleep remains my number one priority. And in putting sleep first, I know I am putting my mental and physical well being first.
  • All through the week, it occurred to me that I have lost all interest in my job. I guess that is not a very nice thing to say. But much to my delight, I actually like being in this place of total nonchalance. I feel little to no loyalty or investment at all. This feeling is so new to me. In my last two jobs, I was always so loyal to my work that I usually found it so hard to leave and gave way too much of myself. This time, I feel like if I wanted to, I could literally leave my job tomorrow and not take a second look back. What an interesting mental space to be in…
  • My nephew turned 17 on the 17th of this month. I can hardly believe it. Seems just like the other day, he was learning how to ride a bicycle. How fast time flies by.
  • I tried to figure out what to do with my old peach tree whose branches break with every fruit season. I am torn between seeking the advice and guidance of an arborist or just having the tree cut down. I have not decided yet but need to soon.

So in a nutshell, life continued to move on. We are all a week older than we were last week. And that’s okay too, I think. Have a balanced week.

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  1. Chella says:

    I totally like this blog!!! It’s very nice to keep life in a positive perspective! It’s totally true😋 thanks so much for sharing!!!😏


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