Week 10: Sleep IS the best medicine

There’s a quote about the best medicine. Actually there are several quotes, The most often used is “Laughter is the best medicine.” And I do agree, laughter is awesome. It has definitely lightened my spirit on many an occassion. There are also other things considered to be the best medicine

  • walking
  • brisk walking
  • sunlight
  • a cheerful heart
  • bravery

And so on and so forth. These are all great things and good medicine for sure.

But, for an insomniac like me, Sleep IS no doubt the best medicine. Without sleep, everything goes out the window. So in this place and in this time, my best medicine is sleep which thanks to another another type of medicine, the pharmaceutical type, I have been getting plenty of.

I was always a morning person but in recent months, I had to accept the fact that those days were behind me. When your sleep comes after 3 or 4 am in the morning, there is no way you are waking up early. And when you do, it is challenging to be as productive as you could have been. This has certainly been true for me.

This week though, I have been falling asleep, actually sleeping through the night, and waking up early. Most days, I am up at 5 a.m. I have been waking up, getting out of bed, cleaning my room, working at my desk, doing my guided meditations. I even started a new morning exercise. I am more energetic and more optimistic. Look me, here I am, positing #postaweek blog that was part of my 2018 writing goals early on a Sunday morning. It’s been a good week.

As with most things in life however, every ebb has a flow, and every yin, a yang. I am in the process of weaning off my prescription meds. I have been adding vitamin supplements and have continued habits that encourage better sleep. I am hopeful that my sleep will continue to improve.


Have an awesome week. Peace!

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  1. Kelly MacKay says:

    I was always such an excellent sleeper. I would go to bed at 9 pm get up at 5 am and sleep all night. Now, not so good. Broken and sporadic at best. I agree Sleep is the best medicine.

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  2. Chella says:

    Oh, that is totally awesome that your sleep is improving!!! I’m telling you, I’ve been keeping you in my prayers and thoughts…so yippee😋🤗 I hope your daily routines, help methods etc…will continue to help your sleep improve! Thanks as always for sharing!

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