Week 7: I geek out on Black Panther

I’ll start with the bad this week. My lack of sleep hit a severe low, I had gone for 4-5 days on very little sleep. I was exhausted, mentally foggy, dragging, feeling hopeless..did I mention exhausted? I felt like I was literally losing my mind. So I am back on pretty strong prescription meds for a while. I don’t particularly like this because these meds are very habit forming but I am at a loss of what else to do.

What was good this week: the Black Panther movie. I watched one of the pre-screening shows. It was amazing and I am totally geeking out on it, it’s my new favorite movie, I created a new board on Pinterest, I am saving movie posters, changing my social media wallpapers and profile photos and my phone background. Yeah basically breaking all kinds of copyright laws I am sure. Here’s a couple of the movie posters. Actually I can’t post all my favorite ones, it would take up all my WordPress storage😁

Oh yeah and I also completed the purchase of a used car for my mom in Nairobi. So I am real proud of that. It needs a paint job and a few repairs but it’s a good solid car overall. It was one of my main goals for 2018 so I’m real proud to have accomplished it.

So other than the severe sleep deprivation at the beginning of the week, it was a good week.

This coming week, I continue to focus on building good sleeping habits as well as turning my attention to my other 2018 goals. I’ll also wean myself off the prescription meds and probably watch Black Panther again😁

Have a great week!

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  1. Chella says:

    Absolutely totally agree that the black panther movie rocks and I recommend it to everyone!!! Very cool pics also by the way😏🤣. Also…I sure hope your sleep improves soon! Thanks for the post and I’m glad you’ve accomplished one of your major 2018 goals already!😋

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