I am a bit of a visuals-junkie. I like memes, phone themes, Google photos, Pinterest, Instagram and so on and so forth.

So I change my wallpaper, my themes, profile pics often to match the season, the day, my mood, my hopes or just for fun.

For Valentine’s Day, there are themes and photos and wallpapers with lots of candy and chocolates and red hearts and sweethearts and other stuff in that ilk!

But for me the day called for something more than being sweet and waiting for someone to get me cards or chocolates. It called for courage.

Courage to withstand the onslaught of Valentine everything today not to mention the sugar induced coma from all the chocolates on every corner at work.

So on my phone today is

This was the poster from Wonder Woman movie last year. I love it.

Courage! And Happy Valentine’s Day!

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