A good day!

Today was my off day. I work Tuesday through Saturday.

I spent the morning soaking in some rays. I started here:

Then moved here:

Though I had to share my space with the cat!

Then here:

I haven’t been sleeping too well and I’m hoping that getting more morning sunshine will help reset my body clock. I am determined more than ever to break this vicious insomnia cycle. it’s exhausting and taking a toll on my physical and mental wellness.

In the afternoon, I ran errands, renewed my membership at our local community garden and then it was off to the community center.

At the community center, a real nice facility, I spent an hour in the pool doing some water aerobics but mostly just enjoying being in the water, then it was off to the steam room to sweat some toxins off and finally 10 minutes in the hot tub.

I’m already feeling sore from all this. Note to self: remember to stretch. It was good to be back in the water. It’s been a while.

This was a statue outside the community center.

All in all, a good day.

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  1. Chella says:

    Oh yeah a very good day indeed! I’m glad you were able to catch some rays…on a personal note…put the cat outside😋😊. Seriously though I hope the sun, swimming and other little tidbits help you sleep better! Continued best of luck and thanks as always for the great blog😋

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