Week 6: It is what it is.

This is basically where I am sleepwise. But I’m sick and tired of talking about it. So on to other stuff this week.

I made the mistake of entering my phone number on one of those ever increasing online forms and ended up spending several days fending off Quicken Loans. These guys are totally relentless. I almost ended up refinancing the house just to get them off my back..I mean like seriously! Jeez Louise!

There was a little too much hustle, too much bustle and far too much chatter at work this week which was rather challenging for this introvert. But it is what it is.

Was there good stuff? Yep, sunshine to enjoy from indoors; old beloved music tunes; new music and as always new podcasts that engaged my mind.

That’s it for my #apostaweek this week. Till next week, here’s hoping for a balanced week.

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