Pet Peeve: Drivers and the car signal

Dear fellow driver, please use your blinkers, also known as, signals. Your blinker/signal does not help me if:-

  1. You are already halfway in my lane.
  2. I have to brake and/ or swerve to let you turn or get in my lane.
  3. You are in my blind spot. Sorry, I cannot, and did not see you. That’s why it’s a blind spot
  4. You did not give me time to register your signal. See #2.
  5. You have already merged into my lane. Why are you even bothering to signal?
  6. You are using the wrong signal. You signal left then turn right. Or vice versa. Wtf?
  7. You forgot your blinker(s) on. I have no idea what you are doing.

Ok. End of pet peeve😁😁

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