February Wellness Goals

Bye Bye January. January was a bit of a mixed bag for me . It started with me battling a bad bout of bronchitis and then it got good and I started working out doing at least 20 minutes of TaeBo in the morning and sleeping better. I was very proud of myself.

Then a week ago, my sleep went to hell in a handbasket and everything appeared to fall apart! I was not able to work out, I was comfort-eating, having a glass or two of wine before bed, over snacking..In a nutshell it was not pretty. They do say that lack of sleep is the new smoking. I do know that when my insomnia resurfaces, it wreaks havoc on my physical and mental health.

On a positive note, I somehow managed to lose 3 pounds. This fell short of my goal of 5 pounds but I will take it!

For February, my goals are simple.

  1. **I continue to place getting adequate good sleep as a top priority. I want to build up healthy routines and habits that improve my sleep. For me, when my sleep improves, it has a significant effect on many aspects of my life.

  2. **Making healthy food choices and drinking water. Drinking water is an area where I fall short.There are days when barely have a single glass of water. So hydration is a goal for February

  3. **I just started back working out this very day after 2 nights of getting good sleep. So my intent is to continue this.

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