Jamesport, MO Part 1.

I took a quick day trip to Jamesport, MO about 90 miles Northeast of Kansas City. I knew that Jamesport was an Amish community who lived a simpler way of life and handmade many artifacts, crafts and materials.

So on a whim, I booked a room and yesterday after lunch, I hit the road and 90 minutes later I was there!

As I checked in, the Bed and Breakfast owner, a friendly outgoing older man showed me a CD about the Amish that I could come down and watch in my own time.

So after I rested a while, I went and sat down to watch. And it was fascinating! The Amish have a whole separate way of living which I knew but some things did surprise me. I did not know that they recite the Bible in what is known as High German. Who knew there was a High Germanic language? I didn’t.

Other suprising things were that children go to school till the 8th grade. Their schools are one room schools taught by unmarried young women. After 8th grade, the boys go into apprenticeships to learn a trade. It may be farming, carpentry, silversmithing and so on and so forth that will allow them to support a family when they get older.

That tape was so fascinating that I watched it twice. But that was before I discovered that the tape was played pretty much everywhere. Most of the stores I visited today had the tape playing in the background.


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